Programme, die von den MitarbeiterInnen des Instituts entwickelt worden sind .

Programm Beschreibung
power.HE power.HE is designed to calculate sample size and power for the Haseman-Elston method in linkage analyses for a quantitative trait. power_HE_v1-2.r [weiter]
GEESIZE GEESIZE version 3.1 is designed to compute the minimum sample size in studies with correlated response data based on generalized estimating equations (GEE). These correlated response data arise e.g. [weiter]
silcLOD silcLOD (significance levels and critical LODs) is designed to calculate nominal significance levels and critical LOD scores depending on the length of the investigated region, number of [weiter]
GroupSeq GroupSeq is designed to calculate sequential boundaries in R with extended functionalites compared with the FORTRAN program by Reboussin et al. (2000, Controlled Clinical Trials, 21: 190-207). It [weiter]
minsage minsage (mininmal sample size for genotypes) is designed to calculate the sample size of genotypes minimally required to ensure that all alleles with a specified frequency at one locus are detected [weiter]
abi2link abi2link is designed to create linkage files out of ABI genotype and phenotype files. Please see example directory for a detailed file description. Usage:/abi2link ARGUMENTS Currently known arguments [weiter]
EECI EECI (effect estimates confidence intervals) is an Excel tool for estimating confidence intervals for a number of epidemiological effect measures. Download: EECI.xlsx The program is based on the [weiter]
metaxa Under construction.  metaxa (META-analysis with eXAct weights). An R-package for calculating meta-analyses which incorporates the variability of τ².   Further details readme. [weiter]
ATOMIC R-Paket zur Beurteilung von Signalintensitätsabbildungen [weiter]
ranger Information ranger is a fast implementation of Random Forests, particularly suited for high dimensional data. Ensembles of classification, regression and survival trees are supported. Ranger is [weiter]